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Climaveneta Free Cooling Units

Climaveneta Free Cooling Units



When air conditioning is requested all year long, even in cold seasons, it is a shame to waste energy to produce cooling capacity when it would be just sufficient to get it from the environment. For free, for high energy saving, for a green approach to air conditioning. With a traditional chiller technology this is not possible because of its basic design that uses compressors even in cold seasons. Switching the compressors off and chilling the hydraulic circuit with the air is today's challenge number one: maximum output, minimum input.


When air conditioning is needed not only for comfort, but also for datacenter, mobile telecommunication or industrial applications, system’s reliability is the first and most important prerequisite. A unit failure in units with more than 8000 hours/year of working time could cause enormous damages to the entire structure. For this reason redundancy is a common, even if expensive, practice that offers reliable systems with minimized risks. As alternative a simple unit has to be installed, minimizing the number of critical components.


A low energy bill is more than desired when a unit is supposed to work for most of the year. A unit’s efficiency increase of only 1% in a 1 MW plant entails up to potential operating cost saving of $8,000 per year. What about if the entire plant could more than double its efficiency? The energy bill will cut by half, and the money saved could put it towards the building itself, adding more value to it. In a data center with 1MW cooling capacity, energy bill can rise up to $1,500/day. Thanks to the advantages offered by free-cooling technology, the operating costs can be cut down to $80/day during winter months, adding up to a 60% saving over the whole year, depending on the location and climate profile.


More and more sustainability is the main issue that really add value to buildings. The use of green technology, in this sense, helps to gain points with the most known protocols of sustainability and moreover ensure high energy savings. When air conditioning is a constant request all year long, even during cold seasons, the air source for a chiller operation can be considered a renewable source, available wherever, with no limitations. Design a unit, capable to chill the water with the simple and direct heat exchange between the plant hydraulic circuit and the outdoor air, is the target to achieve to comply with modern requests of green technology use.


Except for harsh climate, the most of the cities temperature profiles show a high concentration of hours per year below 2°C ambient temperature. With the latest Climaveneta Free Coolingtechnology, the chiller can achieve the full cooling demand without the compressors and through a direct heat exchange air/water already when air temperature drops below 2°C. A patent pending solution in the screw line FX-FC, permits to achieve this important target without compromising the chiller performance with higher outdoor air temperature.


Smart controls are the only possible way to stretch the energy saving achievable by free cooling units. The W3000 control, is able to take advantage of air free cooling potential as soon as the outdoor temperature decrease below the plant’s circuit return. Therefore, the power consumption of Climaveneta Free Cooling units dramatically decrease even below 20°C outdoor temperature, which means for most of the yearly operating hours. Moreover the ‘adaptive set point option’ when implemented in the unit, enables a further more performance optimization: as soon as the building demand decrease, it is possible to adjust the unit set point to minimize the compressors work and thus striking more the contribute of direct free cooling. The advanced thermoregulation control grants high energy saving without compromising the system global performance.


The capability to have a direct and efficient free cooling is strictly related to the availability of peculiar coils where refrigerant and water reject respectively their latent and sensible heat with the highest efficiency. Climaveneta design and unique know-how grant the optimization of the unit performance both in traditional chiller and free cooling mode. A patent pending solution which moves into the direction of an effectiveness use of resources.


The chilled water temperature control is always granted thanks to the advanced thermo regulation algorithms. Compressors, fans, pumps and valves are dynamically regulated to fit with the plant set point. As soon as the free cooling air contribute starts, hydraulic valves start opening and compressors and fans smoothly partialize to cover just the energy gap left by the first direct heat exchange between air and water. Climaveneta experience in Free Cooling units design is the proof of stable and precise combined resources control.

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