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AmerSorb AG

AmerSorb AG Impregnated coal based activated carbon

Product Introduction

AmerSorb AG is a high activity extruded activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of anthracite coal. AmerSorb AG is chemically impregnated specifically for use in the control of hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and organic odors in the vapour phase. The carefully controlled addition of the highly reactive chemical reagent ensures the efficient removal and retention of the pollutants, whilst pre serving an excellent physical adsorption capacity. The material is exceptionally hard and resistant to mechanical breakdown resulting from a unique binding and extrusion process used during its manufacture. AmerSorb AG is suitable for in-situ regeneration by chemical washing techniques.

Product Key Features Benefits

Chemically impregnated

Maximum sulphur loading capacity

Exceptional hardness and strength 

Minimal product degradation giving low pressure drop

Rigorously dedusted 

Clean handling at adsorber loading and commissioning

Product regenerable in-situ 

Extended service life


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