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Air filter guide



What will the filter be used for? 

What contaminants need to be separated?

The size and type of contaminants that the filter is required to deal with are major factors in the suitability of each filter. 

Level of filtration (cleanliness) required

This should be one of your first considerations when selecting a filter. You should select an efficiency which will provide a clean enough environment for your application whilst ensuring an acceptable pressure drop. We can provide a full consultancy service to ensure you receive the correct balance between efficiency and pressure drop to maximise the output of your process. Please contact us for further details.

Conditions of the surrounding environment

Within each of our product ranges each individual filter has been designed for specific purposes, and the surrounding environment in which the filter will operate is a major consideration and differentiation factor. Will the filter need to withstand high temperatures? Will the filter be placed in a moist, humid atmosphere? If so, specific product variations should be selected.

Will the filter need to be incinerated at the end of its life?

If the filter is being used to separate toxic or harmful substances then it will typically have to be destroyed through incineration. In this case, ensure that you select a filter which has no metal components and so can be incinerated more easily.

What level of pressure drop is acceptable?

For certain applications a filter’s pressure drop is vitally important to the entire system's performance. In other applications however, it is not so important. What effect will the use of a filter with a higher pressure drop have on your system?

How much dust will the filter need to collect?

Will your filter be exposed to a high level of particulate? Do you require a filter with a long service life? If so, then a bag filter may be better than a panel filter and a compact filter may be better still.

What size of filter do you require?

We produce a range of standard sizes that are commonly used within the industry, but with many of our products we can also produce custom sizes to fit your system. Please contact us for further information.

Do you require a filter frame or housing?

To ensure that your filter operates at its maximum performance, you may require a filter frame or housing. We supply numerous products that will offer you the ideal solution.


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