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Holding Frames

Holding Frames


Front, Rear, Side Withdrawl and HEPA Filter Applications

All frames can be manufactured in galvanised or stainless steel. Frames can be pre-drilled to assist site assembly.

Front Withdrawal Frames

Standard sizes available are 610 x 610mm, 610 x 508mm and 610 x 305mm. Other sizes can be made to order. In conjunction with Interfilta retaining clips, these frames can be used with the complete Interfilta product range. Primary and secondary filters can be accommodated in the same frame. For rigidity in multiple ‘banks’, stiffening bars are provided. In multiple ‘banks’, frames are fixed side by side and/or above one another.

Side Withdrawal Frames

These are manufactured in the same materials as front/rear mounted frames and incorporate a double channel section. An ‘empty’ 50mm channel is provided to facilitate fixing. a parallel channel of the required width comes complete with a brush nylon seal to accommodate the selected filter type. Combination frames are available as  standard to house primary and secondary filters in the same frame. Vertical stiffening sections provide added rigidity, and each frame is complete with an access door.

Front/Side Withdrawal HEPA Base Frames

HEPA frames are supplied as standard with two fixing points and retaining bar. If required, frames can be complete with double retaining bars (Picture). The clamp bolts are designed to ensure no leak paths between filter and frame, and are the swing type for quick release and easy changing of the filter. Frames also available for other filter sizes. Side withdrawal frames and housings made to suit your application.


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