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Astro Vee

Astro Vee


AstroVee is a heavy duty, high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) designed for both Constant Air Volume (CAV) and Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems.

The AstroVee filter is made of multiple mini pleat media packs assembled in a V-shaped configuration, into an electro-galvanized steel housing with an aluminum flange at the air entry side. This configuration substantially increases the amount of media contained in the filter over conventional rigid type filters. In existing installations, the filter's high media area ensures low pressure drop, which reduces energy costs. The filter is designed for installation in AHU's

It is satiable for use in hospital operating theaters, semi-conductor, microelectronic, food and pharmaceutical industries and gas turbine inlet applications where airborne contaminants must be carefully controlled.

High Capacity, Mini-Pleat Design

The AstroVee is made from ultra fine, moisture resistant and fire retardant fiberglass media. Separators made from special thermoplastic beads maintain even spacing between pleats for optimal airflow with minimal air resistance. The consistent pleat spacing of the media allows higher dust holding capacity and full use of the entire depth of the media.


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