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Intersafe R

Intersafe R


Removable Filter Media (no tools required)


SAFE NZ; INTERSAFE “R” Pleated Panel Filters are designed for high dust load Pre-filtration. The compact design makes them ideal for most heavy Industrial & Commercial environments



The filter medium is fully enclosed by either a Stainless Steel or Galvanised header frame. The filter media is supported by a pleated wire mesh on the clean air side and removed via wire frame with no special tools required


The filter medium density gradually increases with the depth of the material. This prevents surface clogging and results in a higher dust holding capacity combined with a lower pressure drop


SAFE NZ INTERSAFE series are available in three efficiencies G2, 3&4. The media is constructed from synthetic, organic fibres, which are chemically, mechanically and thermally bonded so that the structure and properties will be retained even under difficult operating and climatic conditions.


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