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Scandlac 2000

Scandlac 2000

Ceiling Filter For Paint Spray Booths

The quality of spray painted surfaces is highly dependant on the cleanliness of the ventilation air supply to the spray booth. As the number of air changes in a booth is high the requirements for air quality is even higher. The most common way to ensure air quality is to apply a terminal ceiling filter for the distribution of air in the booth.

Our new terminal filter for spray paint booths is Scandlac 2000. Extreme care has been taken to stress properties that are vital to such a filter. Efficiency, life, pressure drop, stability and fire resistance show characteristics which make Scandlac 2000 a natural choice for quality minded people.

Material & Design

Coated Synthetic Firbers

Graduated Density

Scrim Backed Downstream Side

Dimensions Available

Roll 1m x 20m 

Roll 2m x 20m

Pads can be cut to size according to purchase order.


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