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Synsafe Novo Pocket Bags

Synsafe Novo Pocket Bags

Synsafe Novo Pocket Bags

Scandfilter has introduced a new air filter - Synsafe Novo. This is an environmentally friendly air filter with a cycle that not only cleans the air but warms it too. Up until today used air filters have been thrown into the refuse bin or have been buried in the ground, we think this is wrong. And given the high energy value of the plastic it is very wasteful. Synsafe Novo is an environmently friendly air filter as it is made completely of combustible plastic material and so it is fully recyclable. This is in line with our environmental policy for sustainable solutions.

Facts about Synsafe Novo

Synsafe Novo is a class G3-F9 filter, according to Swedish standard SS EN 779 (European standard CEN EN 779).

The filter material is made in a continuous process where many layers of fibre mixtures with different density and fibre structure are integrated. This gives Synsafe Novo unique qualifications with regards to dust absorption capacity/life span and low running costs.

Synsafe Novo achieves a constant air cleaning efficiency throughout its entire life. The material in combination with its ultrasonically welded filter pockets gives a firm shape retention and self supporting ability. The frame is also made of plastic making the entire filter fully incinerable with no poisonous exhaust fumes. For instance, in the event of a fire in an air handling unit Synsafe Novo works admirably as thermoplastic material shrinks and moves away from the ignition source and therefore does not maintain the fire.

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