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Synsafe Pocket Bags

Synsafe Pocket Bags


The filters conform closely to European Standard CEN EN 779 as regards the synthetic dust weight arrestance of filter classes G3-G4 (coarse filters) and as regards atmospheric dust spot efficiency of filter classes F5-F9 (fine filters)

Useful life and economy

The filter is capable of arresting very large quantities of dust from the air. This ensures a long useful life and a very standard of operating economy.

Operating properties

An ideal air filter would have a completely constant collecting efficiency throughout its useful life. Synsafe F6-F9 filters have a more uniform characteristic than any other comparable filter tested during our development work.

Dimensional stability

Another important result of the research programme was the discovery of harmful 'flutter' of filter bags with poor dimensional stability. As a result, both the filter medium and the sizing and manufacture are focused on ensuring high dimensional stability to enable the filters bags to withstand the turbulence occurring in air handling systems, without the risk of shortcomings or dust break-through.

Fire Resistance

Contrary to earlier opinions, Synsafe performs exceptionally well in a fire situation. The thermoplastic material retreats from the source of fire. Scandfilter synthetic media emit less energy and have virtually negligible emission of toxic gases when exposed to a fire. The National Swedish Testing and Research Institute has performed comprehensive comparative tests under realistic conditions, and the document with results is available on request from the various sales offices of Scandfilter.

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