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Models: 014M to 190B


Remote condensers with axial-type fan(s) for outdoor installation. Installation may be vertical with a horizontal air outflow or, using special brackets, horizontal with an upward air outflow. The very low noise, adjustable-speed fans are excellent for use in both technological and civil applications. BRC-BRE units operate with a single-phase 230/1/50 and 400/3/50 (only for BRE190b) power supply totally independent and separate from the indoor unit ACCURATE. These condensing units are therefore also suited for use without being directly connected to indoor units. BRC-BRE units are not provided with integrated fans speed regulator per standard. However, CLIMAVENETA can provide such fans speed regulator as OPTIONAL, by installing it directly inside the indoor unit ACCURATE.


BAS_C - base version, with cataphoresis treatment coil

BAS_CC - base version, with copper/copper coil

BAS_E - base version, with epoxy coated coil

BASIC - base version LN - low noise version

LN_C - low noise version, with cataphoresis treatment coil

LN_CC - low noise version, with copper/copper coil

LN_E - low noise version, with epoxy coated coil

LT - low outdoor temperature version

LT_C - low temperature version, with cataphoresis treatment coil

LT_CC - low temperature version, with copper/copper coil

LT_E - low temperature version, with epoxy coated coil


BRE / - base function


ELECTRIC FANS: of an axial type, statically and dynamically balanced on two levels, with blades in an inoxidable material and external rotor motor suitable for adjusting the speed, all mounted on a metal supporting grid in conformity with safety regulations. The motors are to VDE 0530-12.84. The protection rating is IP54 to DIN40050.

CONDENSING COIL: the combination of innovative corrugated fins with the use of smooth pipes on the exchanger ensures excellent heat transfer with a minimum amount of fluid. The heat exchangers consist of aluminium fins and copper pipes. REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT CONNECTIONS are arranged along one side of the unite and are to be welded for safe connection that prevents any fluid leak.

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